Wireless pan-tilt camera

  • Sony colour camera with:
    • - 26 x optical zoom
    • - manual or auto focus
    • - automatic day/night switching for poor light conditions
    • - manual shutter adjustment for faithful depiction of individual picture details under strong light contrasts
  • Optional: thermographic (IR) camera (adaptation to various models possible), measuring devices (p.ex. weather station, GPS receiver)
  • Digital video transmitter, 2.3-2.5 GHz, COFDM-modulated, with 5W transmission power, with optional encryption
  • Control via 869 MHz telemetry receiver
  • Implementation on turntable ladders, hydraulic ramps, telescopic masts, in buildings etc.; transmission range within plain sight: 18km
  • Power supply 230V~ /max.120W

Control station control system

  • Rugged, compact aluminium housing
  • 5.6 colour LCD for image display
  • Control unit of the pan-tilt camera
  • Power supply via the 12V/24V vehicle onboard power supply
  • Digital 2-way diversity receiver, COFDM-modulated, for stable reception, with optional encryption
  • 869MHz telemetry receiver with 0.5W transmission power
  • Portable or stationary implementation, e.g. on the control station for turntable ladders, easy fixture via knurled screws at sides

Base station

  • Rugged, compact hard shell case:
  • - 12” colour LCD for image display
  • - control unit of pan-tilt camera
  • - digital video recorder for no-loss recording, playback on the 12” colour LCD or per USB interface on the PC
  • - universal power supply via integrated battery - 2h, 230V~ or on the12V/24V vehicle onboard power supply
  • - separate transmitter/receiver unit with digital 2-way diversity receiver, COFDM-modulated, for stable reception, with optional encryption; incl. 869MHz telemetry receiver with 0.5W transmission power
  • - Reception of video and audio signals via portable unit with home camera

Mobile Unit Helmet Camera

  • combinable with infrared camera
  • 260 mm x 140 mm x 60 mm, weight 2.5 kg (with battery)
  • Power supply: Battery stack, NiMH, 10.8 V / 2800 mAh (approx. 1.25 hrs)
  • Video transmitter: O.R.C.A. – digital COFDM video transmitter, 2.3 - 2.5 GHz
  • Broadcasting performance: 10W EIRP
  • Helmet camera: colour camera with bidirectional audio connection
  • Sony CCD 1/3, 380 lines, 0.5 lux, f= 4mm (F2.0), aperture angle 65°
Note: Different frequencies and transmission rates are possible for use in other countries - please ask for details.


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